An Interview with a Mohammedan National Socialist

Today we have Gonçalo, a Mohammedanist and Aryanist from Lisbon, Portugal. In this interview we discuss Mohammedanism and some of the basics of Aryanism.


You’re a Mohammedanist, what is Mohammedanism and how does it differ from traditional Islam?

Put simply, Mohammedanism is the term used for the following of Muhammad, like Christianity is the term for the following of Jesus. The difference from traditional Islam is that I see Islam as a spiritual component of the following of Muhammad. What this implies is a greater degree of flexibility and openness, since one can choose a different spiritual component other than Islam, while following the cultural practices of Muhammad. Flexibility proves an advantage over traditional Islam, which is generally inflexible. Openness also proves to be an advantage, since traditional Islam is not very open to new perspectives. Continue reading “An Interview with a Mohammedan National Socialist”

The Truth About Animal Sacrifice in the Bible



When we read the Bible literally we are met with the horrific act of animal sacrifice. However, when read in a different light we find that the sacrifice is not of actual animals but rather symbolizes the animal nature of man. The lower, instinctual part of us as opposed to the higher spiritual part. This includes sexual desire, gluttony, etc. The physical, hedonistic aspects of life. Continue reading “The Truth About Animal Sacrifice in the Bible”